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ApiPrime® SEO

There are hundreds of sites that go live every day in the world. Personal blogs, commercial companies, e-commerce systems, etc. like. However, most of them do not enter the search engines at all or wait passively on a server before reaching their target in the search results. In this case, more than a few visitors per month cannot be reached. ApiPrime® can make your website a tool that gets more intense visits and reaches target customers with SEO optimization.

Key Factors Affecting SEO

Many factors such as highlighting a word, meaningful sentences, being authentic, the IP address used by your site, its coding quality, its ability to react according to the resolution, the rate of referencing etc. are effective in your website’s ranking in search engines.

What if my website was built by another company?

You do not have to be an ApiPrime® customer to use our SEO service. Your site can be optimized by ApiPrime® and adapted to SEO standards. You can continue working with the same company and only get the SEO service through ApiPrime®.

SEO is a common language between search engine and your site.


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